Friday, October 31, 2014


Here is a scary thought for Halloween.  What if the 114th Congress turns out to be made up of most of the same idiots as the 113th Congress!

The current 113th Congress is perhaps the worst Congress in history.  It is certainly the least productive.

A recent article in the New York Post reported -

The divided House and Senate have managed to pass just 163 laws that garnered President Obama’s signature since the two-year term began in January 2013. At this rate, Congress will have no problem beating the previous record set during the 2011-2013 session in which 284 laws were passed. That was down from 385 laws passed in the 2009-2011 session.”

The current idiots in Congress are incapable of working together to accomplish anything of substance.  And they are incapable of independent thought – merely “following orders” from, and quoting from the script provided to them by, the Party leaders.

They have proven that they have absolutely no interest in the American public or the proper administration of the American government.  Their main goal and motivation is getting themselves and fellow party members re-elected.

When there is actual legislation to vote on the idiots in Congress do not vote based on what they think is good or bad for the country.  They vote based on what the Party tells them is good or bad for the Party!  And, as I have said before, if the Republicans came up with legislation that would truly guarantee world peace the Democrats would vote against it because it was not introduced by the Democrats, and vice versa.

The American public obviously recognizes these facts.  According to Gallup -

With less than two months to go before the midterm congressional elections, 14% of Americans approve of how Congress is handling its job. This rating is one of the lowest Gallup has measured in the fall before a midterm election since 1974.

Americans' rating of Congress, from Gallup's latest Social Series survey, conducted Sept. 4-7, is barely changed from the August reading, and matches the 14% average so far in 2014. The all-time low congressional approval rating is 9%, measured in November 2013.”

So what are we to do?  Vote the bastards out!  Get a GRIP (Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians) in November, when 435 seats in the House of Representatives are up for election, by voting against the re-election of any current member of Congress.  Just be sure not to vote in any member or supporter of the Tea Party.

I am very serious.  No Congress could be worse than the one we have now (unless it was controlled by the Tea Party) – so we couldn’t end up worse than we already are.

Send a message to Washington, a la “Network” – “"We're as mad as hell, and we're not going to take this anymore!” 

If the 114th Congress turns out to be just as bad as the 113th the blame will belong to the voters (and the non-voters). 


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