Friday, October 17, 2014


Another BUZZ-Light. 

The 2014 Tax Filing Season (for 2013 returns) is finally over – now it is time to get ready for the 2015 season (for 2014 returns).  It never ends!

* A “tweet” from @TaxManBoston that bears repeating –

And respect your tax practitioner! It's not THEIR fault when you owe taxes!!!

* Hey tax pros - I am still waiting to hear from youse guys on the topics discussed in the October “issue” of THE TAX PROFESSIONAL! Please email me your thoughts at with THE TAX PROFESSIONAL in the “subject line”.  Please!

* Over at FORBES.COM my fellow tax blogger Peter J Reilly quotes me in his post “UnFair - One Night Stand Tonight - Exposing IRS Or Fair Tax Infomercial?”.

I did not view this film, despite its endorsement by Chuck Norris (hey- Tuesday night is NCIS).  As my quote states I truly believe the Tea Party Movement is dangerous and should not be encouraged in any way – and that the only possible Congress worse than the one we now have would be one controlled by Tea Party members and supporters.

I will reference Peter’s review of the film in next Tuesday’s BUZZ.

* I am also quoted in Jim Stimpson’s item “Gimme Gimme: Handling Requests for Free Advice” at TAXPRO TODAY.

* It appears that “October Is A Good Month to Start Investing”.  This is what Michael Zhuang, aka THE INVESTMENT SCIENTIST, discovered in a stock market seasonality study.

We assumed that at the beginning of each year we invested $1 in the {S+P 500} index, and we observed how the investment fluctuated over the year. Then we took the average over three different periods of time: the last 20 years, the last 50 years, and the last 86 years.”

October is the reflection point when the good season starts, while May is the reflection point when the good season ends.”

In my recent personal experience (I received an inheritance last October) I found that this was true.

* Kay Bell gives us an update on state same-sex marriage rules in “Same-Sex Tax Filing Changes Official in Virginia and Wisconsin” at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.

The Supreme Court earlier this month gave same-sex couples the ability to get married in five more states when it refused to hear appellate cases that had struck down the states' bans on such ceremonies.

Gay and lesbian couples in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin lined up soon after the High Court non-ruling to exchange vows.

Now the affected state tax departments must adjust their rules to accommodate the newlyweds.”


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