Wednesday, February 25, 2015


For my clients, and those who are interested -

The, or I guess my, 2015 tax filing season (February 1 – April 14) is 1/3 over!

I have completed and mailed out 63 returns – which is not bad for the first third of the season.  I don’t remember if I saved my last year’s daily log – and if I did I don’t know where to put my hands on it easily – but I think I am, if not at the same point, a bit ahead of last season at this time.

I have either done, received in the mail, or made arrangements with 49% of the names on my mailing list – which I am sure is ahead of last year.

The “to be done” box is not “chock-a-block” yet.  And there are only a few “red files” (need more information), and they are completed as soon as the missing information arrives.

I have yet to do a return where I did not check the “full-year coverage” box, although there may be one in the red files.  And I have not done any returns, other than my own, that involved a Form 1095-A.  I received one, and was about to start it, when the client emailed to tell me his 1095-A was one of the 800,000 FUs.

We were told this was going to be one of, if not the, worst tax filing seasons ever – but it is actually been one of my better ones so far (as far as smoothness of operations). 

I do not accept any new 1040 clients.  But if I did I would most definitely not accept any new clients who would be applying for the Earned Income Credit or who did not have “full-year coverage”.

Let us hope I continue to be productive, and things continue to run smoothly, so that I can give a similar positive “where the fakawi” at the half-way mark.


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