Thursday, May 7, 2015


Some more comments on “That Was the Tax Season That Was 2015”.

+ When I made my first library visit in late January to look for 2014 tax forms (specifically the 1040, 1040A, Schedules A, B, and D, and Form 8949) I came across a notice taped to the front door that said due to IRS budget cuts the availability of 2014 tax forms would be minimal, if at all.  So this was the first year that I got all of my federal tax forms from the IRS website. 

I miss the days, not too many years ago, when I would go to my local Post Office in January and grab a generous handful of the above forms, returning to that source when I needed more.  Actually the local PO employee in charge of putting out the forms knew of me and my business and gave me a heads up when the forms had arrived.

And I still remember when, during the first years of my apprenticeship, I would make a run to a warehouse in Newark NJ and fill up a suitcase with tax forms.

+ I had, and continue to have, more emails from clients telling of delays in receiving refunds this year than any other tax season I can recall.  Apparently the returns were all actually received by the IRS, but the delay arises in the “processing”.

I was aware that the IRS was doing a more thorough check before issuing refunds, in an attempt to combat identity theft and fraudulent returns.  And I was also aware, as pointed out by the Commissioner before the beginning of the season, that budget cuts would take a toll on “customer service”.  

Some delays were the result of more than just excess “processing”.  I talked about some of the weird reasons in an earlier post (click here).  And the length of the delay speaks to more than just being careful.  Some clients who mailed out their returns in early February have still not received their check, or direct deposit of their refund. 

Just a word to any readers who are also experiencing delays.  Don’t expect your tax preparer to do anything – there is nothing he/she can do.  You have to call the IRS, and wait on hold for perhaps more than an hour, and ask them to explain the reason for the delay.  And you have to keep after them.

Back in the day when a client would complain to my mentor Jim Gill that a refund was late Jim told them to call their Congressman.


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