Friday, May 22, 2015


* Tax pros – have you seen the new post at THE TAX PROFESSIONAL yet?  Why not?

And please tell your fellow tax preparers about THE TAX PROFESSIONAL.

* Learn the answer to last week’s Trivia Challenge at BOB’S BABBLINGS.    

* Jason Dinesen continues his lesson with “Why Make Estimated Tax Payments, Part 2” at DINESEN TAX TIMES.

Another reason – if you don’t your Uncle Sam could hit you with a penalty!

* Jean Murray does good work in exposing “5 Myths about Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)” at ABOUT.COM.

* I realize it is a bit early – but Kay Bell issues a “Tax Calendar Alert: 2015 Returns are Due Monday, 4-18-2016”.

And “Maine, Massachusetts taxpayers get even more time thanks to Patriots Day”.

So it looks like I will get an extra day of work during next year’s tax filing season.  Hey – that could be three less GDEs!

* ACCOUNTING TODAY reports “Paul Ryan Tells CPAs about Tax Reform Priorities”.

The best comment on tax reform in the item, however, comes from “Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., ranking member of the Senate Banking Subcommittee on National Security and International Finance, also addressed the issue of tax reform in a separate speech Tuesday at the AICPA Spring Council meeting” –

Either do it, or stop saying you’re going to do it.”

The idiots in Congress have been talking about tax reform for quite a while now – but have actually not done a fekking thing (they have actually not done a fekking thing about much of anything). 

As Heitkamp goes on to explain in the item, continually talking about tax reform and doing nothing is worse than just doing nothing.

To echo Heidi in perhaps more appropriate terms –

Hey, idiots in Congress, shit or get off the pot!

* Speaking of the idiots in Congress and their incompetence, back to Kay Bell, who asks “Will Congress OK Highway Money Before it Hits the Road?

She begins her post by making an appropriate addition to a famous quote -

The only certainties in life, to paraphrase a Founding Father, are death, taxes and the last-minute way Congress does, or doesn't do, its job.”

Kay very properly chastises the idiots –

Why can't these people get their acts together on something as critical to everyone, regardless of political affiliation, as our highways and other infrastructure? Roads are deteriorating, bridges are crumbling, jobs would be filled to fix them if financing were provide, but no, Representatives and Senators are idling.”

And she suggests –

Remember Congress' lack of direction as you take a driving trip this upcoming three-day weekend and have to maneuver around potholes and bump across generally crappy roads.”


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