Friday, July 31, 2015


* I realize it is early in the Presidential race – but the TAX FOUNDATION is already “Comparing the 2016 Presidential Tax Reform Proposals”.

The couple of tax proposals from Hillary Clinton, one involving the taxation of capital gains, are disappointing but not surprising.  They continue to further complicate the Tax Code, already a mucking fess.  Hillary and the Democrats, including BO, have absolutely no interest in serious and substantive tax reform.  They want to continue to complicate the Code and use it for social engineering.

Those Republicans who have provided tax reform proposals tend toward a more simplified Tax Code and a flat tax.  While many of the Republican candidates may be off on other important issues, and unacceptable due to Tea Party leanings, simply from a tax reform standpoint it is clear that the Republican position is truly the better one.

* A recent TAX FOUNDATION map answers the question “How High Are Gas Taxes in Your State?

For once my situation is reversed.  My new home state of Pennsylvania has the highest rate at 51.60 cents per gallon – but my former home state of New Jersey has the second lowest at 14.50 cpg.  It is perhaps the only time where NJ actually does not have the highest, or almost highest, tax in the nation.

* More disturbing news on the sad state of IRS taxpayer service.  Robert W Wood tells us “Report Says IRS Mishandled 24,000 IRS Tax Lien Notices---Just Ask Robert De Niro” at FORBES.COM.

Continued word on how budget cuts and mismanagement have wreaked havoc at the IRS, with taxpayers as the victims.

* Also at FORBES.COM “Taxgirl” Kelly Phillips Erb reports “Back To School Sales Tax Holidays For 2015 Starting Soon”.

Her post lists the states, dates, and specific exemptions.

* Jason Dinesen is up to Part 14 in his series on “Marriage in the Tax Code” – “The Marriage Penalty Gets Worse Through the 1970s”.

* The BALTIMORE SUN gives us the word that “Maryland to Have 'Amnesty' for Delinquent Taxpayers this Fall”.

Those who are behind on their taxes will have a relatively short window — Sept. 1 to Oct. 30 — to apply and be enrolled in the program. It applies to a variety of overdue taxes, including personal and fiduciary income tax, corporate income tax, sales and use tax, employer withholding tax, and admissions and amusement tax.”

Click here for the 2015 Amnesty page of the Comptroller of Maryland website.


It is one thing to speak your mind and call a spade a shovel.  But the contents of idiot Donald Trump’s mind are limited to thoughts of himself, and when he speaks only nonsense comes out.


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