Tuesday, September 8, 2015


To repeat – Donald Trump for President is a lot like Obamacare.

The basic concept of Obamacare – universal substantive health insurance coverage – is a good one.

But Obamacare as hastily written, without taking the time to properly and completely think it through – i.e. the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - is a convoluted mess.  Its many flaws outweigh its benefits.

The concept of a Presidential candidate who is a successful businessman (not a lawyer or professional politician), a true Washington “outsider”, who speaks his/her mind, and is wealthy enough to self-finance his/her campaign so that he/she is not influenced by special interest campaign contributions, is a good one.

But Donald Trump is a self-absorbed, self-important buffoon who has no respect for anyone or anything but himself, and does not care for anyone or anything but himself.  His only purpose in running for President - his only reason for doing anything - is to feed his undeservedly enormous ego.  He is all ego and no character (actually he is a character, but has no character).  As a businessman he consistently, and unapologetically, screws his investors, lenders, and sub-contractors.

Trump’s many, many, many, many flaws outweigh any possible benefit to his “outsider” and “financially independent” status.

The Affordable Care Act as written, like the US Tax Code, should be totally shredded and rewritten from scratch.

Donald Trump should be totally ignored as a Presidential candidate.  If anything his candidacy should be treated as the joke that it, and he, is. 

One last comment on Trump.  Just because he is supposedly “self-financing” his campaign does not mean that, as a candidate, he cannot be bought.  The very fact that he is self-financing means that candidate Donald Trump has been bought and paid for by egotist Donald Trump. 

If, God forbid, the Donald does become President his main goal and motivation will be to do what is best for Donald Trump, regardless of how his actions may detrimentally affect the government or the American people.

So the bottom line is –

(1)  totally rethink and rewrite Obamacare, and

(2)  treat Donald Trump as the buffoon he is and totally ignore him as a Presidential candidate.



Anonymous said...

Why is he a buffoon? He's a very successful business man that can see the decline of America and wants to stop it. He wants to stop millions of illegal immigrants pouring in to the US, China ripping us off, etc. What's wrong with that? It's obvious that run of the mill politicians can't stop this, and some don't even know it's happening. He's the only one who has the guts to stand up to these things. What's wrong with confidence? He's not doing this for personal gain. I think he's happy with the billions he's already "gained". If you have the intelligence to get past the hair, you'll see that he wants the best for the country to you live in.

Robert D Flach said...

Anon -

Where do I begin?

(1) As I said in the post his “success” as a businessman is the result of consistently and unapologetically screwing his investors, lendors, and sub-contractors.

(2) He is incapable of diplomacy, and unable to deal with criticism like a mature adult. Whenever he is challenged or criticized he does not address the issues but belittles the person who is challenging or criticizing him, regardless of the legitimacy of the challenge or criticism. Rosie O’Donnell chastised him for screwing his investors by declaring bankruptcy on more than one occasion and his response to her was, “You’re fat!” If, as President, he is challenged or criticized by a world leader will his response be, “You’re ugly!”?

(3) He makes statements not out of personal or political beliefs but because he believes it is what the public wants to hear and will therefore bring him more publicity.

(4) He wants only what is best for Donald Trump. He does not care about the country or the American public. He only cares about Donald Trump. When he discussed a run for the Presidency in 2012 it was treated by the press as the joke that it was, so he did not run. He is only running now because the press and the other Republican candidates are treating him as a legitimate candidate.

(5) A Presidential candidate does indeed need confidence, and a certain degree of ego. But he/she also needs character. Trump is all ego and no character.

Do I really need to go on? It is literally impossible for me to conceive that anyone with any intelligence could take the Presidential aspirations of Donald Trump seriously.

Does anyone else want to add to my list?