Friday, September 18, 2015


He who laughs last thinks slowest.”

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* Over at TAXABLE TALK Russ Fox admits “The NAEA Won’t Like This Post”.  But I do.

I’ve been asked by members of the NAEA why I’m against preparer regulation. All it does is increase a bureaucracy, decrease consumer choice, increase prices to the general public, and uses limited IRS resources instead of where they could be better used. I don’t mind competition, and the IRS currently has means of going after bad preparers.”

Right on, Brother Russ!

* BTW – the latest news, and it is good, on the attempt to regulate all tax return preparers is a “tweet” this Wednesday from @GOPSenFinance - “Markup of Bipartisan Bill to Prevent Identity Theft & Tax Refund Fraud {and Regulate Tax Preparers – rdf} is Postponed Until Further Notice”.  The reason for the postponement is the result of well-founded concerns about giving the IRS too much power to regulate tax preparers.

* Preparer Regulation – a definite NO!  But there is a need for a voluntary industry-based tax professional designation/credential to acknowledge and identify competent and current tax preparers.

See my January 2013 ACCOUNTING TODAY editorial “It’s Time for Independent Certification for Tax Preparers”.

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What a buffoon!

I had planned to spend 3 hours on Wednesday night watching the second Republican debate on CNN.  But after 15 minutes I could watch no more, and I changed to the Disney channel. 

It started out fine with the candidates introducing themselves, but soon it was clear that dealing with the comic relief would replace any serious discussion of issues.

Tronald Dump proved that everything Bobby Jindal, and others, have said about him is true.

While some candidates showed cowardice by avoiding the question of the Dumpster’s temperament and Presidential access to our nuclear arsenal, my sentiments certainly mirror those of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who said, “It’s hard to imagine his finger on the button. That blows my mind.     

God forbid Trump is elected President and Putin criticizes him.  There goes Russia!

It was good to hear Paul Rand correctly observe that Trump had the maturity of a junior high school student (he was kind – more like a 5th grader).  Trump’s reply proved Rand’s point – “I never attacked him on looks, and believe me, there is plenty of subject matter there. That, I can tell you.”  Isn’t that basically saying, “you’re ugly”?

The state of the union is truly troubling with Trump as the Republican front-runner.


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Trump may trump, maybe.