Friday, October 23, 2015


No cause for much commentary from me this BUZZ, but lots of good information.

* It is almost time to do your year-end tax planning.  It is time to reserve your copy of my 2015 Year-End Tax Planning Guide.  Now that the IRS has announced the 2016 COLA adjustments I can “go to press”.  It is too late for the special discount – but $3.00 is still a great price.

* And anytime is a good time to get my best tax advice in “Won’t You Take This Advice I Hand You Like A Brother”!  You still have time to take advantage of the 25% TWTP reader discount.

* And speaking of the COLA adjustments for tax year 2016 – I have compiled “What’s New for 2016” as a separate report.  If you are not ordering my 2015 Year-End Tax Planning Guide (in which it is included) I can send you a copy of the 2016 compilation free in pdf format if you send an email request to with WHAT’S NEW FOR 2016 in the “subject line”.

* Jason Dinesen continues his blog series on “Choosing a Business Entity” with the beginning of a discussion on “S-Corporation vs. C-Corporation” at DINESEN TAX TIMES.

* Speaking of choosing a business entity, Diane Gilabert recently “tweeted” a blast from the past (Sept 2013) from her TAX MAVEN BLOG – “Choice of Entity: 10 Reasons Partnerships Trump S Corporations”.

When choosing an entity, whether you are a one-person business or have partners, if you are not going to incorporate (and not everyone should) you should at least register as an LLC (unless the state annual filing costs are excessive).
Don't be concerned about the "Trump" in her title.  It has nothing to do with the buffoon who is running for President.

* Barbara Weltman gives small business a good primer on “Accounting for T&E Expenses” at BARBARA’S BLOG.

* Paul Neiffer gives a good basic review of “What is a Marginal Tax Bracket” at FARM CPA TODAY.

* William Perez explains the various types of “Individual Retirement Accounts” at ABOUT.COM.

* Jeffrey Levine dispels “3 Roth IRA Myths You Can't Afford to Believe” at THE SLOTT REPORT.


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