Friday, November 13, 2015


Not so meaty today.

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Another example of the deterioration of taxpayer service at the IRS, due to budget cuts and mismanagement.  However the fact that IRS notices are more often than not wrong is nothing new.

* Jason Dinesen continues his series on “Choosing a Business Entity” at DINESEN TAX TIMES with a brief description of the “C Corporation”.

* Robert W Wood reveals “Amazingly, IRS Says You Can't Rely On IRS Instructions” at FORBES.COM. 

I agree, this is amazing, but, unfortunately, true.   

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Today’s final word is Trump-free (as the current Presidential campaign should be).  It is compliments of fellow tax blogger Joe Kristan of THE ROTH AND COMPANY TAX UPDATE BLOG, who told this tale at the end of his daily “Tax Roundup” on Tuesday.

While leading the class yesterday in Waterloo, co-presenter Roger’s phone was buzzing frantically in his pocket while he was speaking. As it turns out, Mrs. Roger had received a message on her answering machine at home saying the IRS needed to talk to her immediately. She called the number that was left, and somebody answered, telling her the police would arrest her right away if she didn’t pay her taxes.

Roger related the story to the class, and one of the attendees immediately pointed out the sure clue that it wasn’t really a call from the IRS:

“Somebody answered the phone.”

In 44 years I have never called the IRS to discuss a client issue – so I have thankfully never been put on hold for hours.  Actually the reason I do not call IRS or NJDOT is, based on past client experiences, I don’t believe I will be told the truth when I finally did get an answer.


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