Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I am off to New Jersey to attend the annual National Association of Tax Professional’s year-end tax update classes – and to celebrate my 62nd birthday with friends from grammar school, high school, and college (some from two and some from all three), most of whom are also 1040 clients.
I will post items of interest from the 2 days of classes in a subsequent post here at TWTP, probably next Monday.

* FREE! FREE! FREE! Did you see the two reports you can get for absolutely nothing?  Check out the left hand margin (under the plug for my Dollar Store).

* Bob is babbling again!  Only this time as BOBSERVATIONS.  Check out my new post “Maybe This Time”.

* Jason Dinesen wonders “Was There Really a Good Old Days of Accounting?” at DINESEN TAX TIMES.  Read my comment.

I wonder if being forced to sit through 2 hours of ethics preaching CPE would have turned her honest.

As I “tweeted” last week - the solution to IRS mismanagement is not to reduce the budget at the expense of taxpayer service, but to change the management.

* And slightly belated birthday wishes to DON’T MESS WITH TAXES, “who” turned 10 on Saturday.  TWTP has got almost 5 years on DMWT.

* This past week-end a client asked me about “file and suspend”, and sent me this item by Mary Beth Franklin at INVESTMENT NEWS – “Singles Can File and Suspend Social Security Benefits”.  To be honest I was not aware of how this worked until I read this piece,

This option was recently done away with by the idiots in Congress, as was referenced in a previous BUZZ installment..  However Changes to the "file and suspend" strategy will not take effect for six months, so you still have time – until May 1, 2016 - to take advantage of this option if you meet certain age requirements.

* William Perez tells you what to do if you see "RSUs on Form W-2” at ABOUT.COM.


Rabbi, is there a proper blessing for Donald Trump?

Of course! May God bless and keep Donald Trump . . . far away from the White House!


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