Saturday, February 27, 2016


The, or I guess my, 2016 tax filing season (February 1 – April 17) is 1/3 over!

I have completed and mailed out 74 sets of returns.  I am a bit ahead of last year’s first-third statistics.   

I have either done, received in the mail, or made arrangements with 51% of the names on my mailing list – again slightly ahead of last year.

The “to be done” box is not “chock-a-block” yet – but it is getting there.  And there are only 2 “red files” (need more information), and they are completed as soon as the missing information arrives.

As reported in my first Where the Fakawi, there have been no issues – processing, computer, or weather – so far.
I think I will lock myself behind closed doors March 1, 2, and 3 so I can do as many of the returns received in February without interruption.  I have vowed not to start on returns received in March until all returns received in February are done - or red-filed.

I will report back on my progress at the half-way mark.


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