Thursday, May 5, 2016


I was disappointed to find dangerous buffoon Donald Trump on the cover of the May issue of FORTUNE.  But after reading the article I am glad that Fortune decided to “tell it like it is” and “call a spade a shovel”.

The article, “Business Trump Way: What Does His Record Say About How He’ll Lead”, as the title suggests, asks the question “As the {God forbid – rdf} Leader of the Free World, how would he lead?” and identifies “five overriding themes that provide a blueprint for running things the Trump way”.

Here are some of what the article has to say about these 5 themes –

 (I) He Always Comes First -

Whatever the deal Trump must be the star.  He routinely values two things above all, even over making money: being the boss and gaining publicity.”

’He lives to see his name praised in the press,’ says a former associate who has worked closely with Trump. ‘When it comes to choosing between getting more publicity and making good deals, I’d say it is a tie.’

(II) He Wants You To Know How Rich He Is –

One thing Trump hasn’t felt like doing is release his tax returns, so we can’t know anything about his money.  But we have enough information to conclude this: Trump is exaggerating the size of his empire.”

The fool keeps saying he is worth 10 Billion.  But FORTUNE’s estimate of his net worth is $3.72 Billion.

(III) He Sues First, Asks Questions Later –

When Trump reads this, will he threaten a lawsuit?  It wouldn’t be surprising.”

And on the stump he has vowed that if elected, he will ‘open up our libel laws,’ effectively overturning the US Supreme Court’s 1964 ruling in New York Times v. Sullivan, which gave the press heightened First Amendment protections against defamation suits for articles about public figures – like Donald Trump.”

 (IV) He’s Taken On Debt Recklessly –

Trump claims that as President he would use his business prowess to tackle one of America’s most urgent problems: the skyscraper-high national debt.  As evidence, he claims that the businesses he runs have ‘very low debt and tremendous cash flow.’

But a close examination of how Trum ran one of America’s biggest gaming enterprises demonstrates an entirely different kind of thinking from the belt-tightening rhetoric he spouts on the campaign trail.  In fact, Trump has a record of recklessly piling on debt – with disastrous results.”

(V) He Thinks He’s Great At Everything –

Several executives who worked for Trump, all of whom declined to speak on the record because they fear his wrath, say they were constantly warned by managers who knew him best that ‘Donald’s ego is so big, he believes he can run anything.’

While it did an excellent job of describing the Donald as the deluded narcissist he truly is, I expect FORTUNE is “preaching to the choir”.  It is very doubtful that any of Trump’s hapless fanatical supporters read FORTUNE.  There is some questions as to whether many of his supporters can actually read.

After winning the Nevada primary, when it was reported that he did well with “poory educated voters”, Trump proclaimed, “I love the poorly educated!  And well he should.  They are the people who have gotten him where he is in the campaign today.

It is still inconceivable for me to believe that anyone with any degree of intelligence, and any degree of concern for the future of America, would ever consider the Trumpster for any elected office.

A Trump Presidency would be a bigger disaster than Katrina and Sandy combined.  See my previous post and, please, please, please, “Just Say No To Donald Trump”.


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