Thursday, May 12, 2016


If you haven’t received your federal or state refund check yet don’t call or email your tax preparer!  Once your tax pro has completed and sent you, or submitted electronically, your finished returns their fate is out of his or her hands - there is nothing he or she can do that you cannot do yourself.
FYI – the IRS and many state tax agencies are taking a little longer to process refunds this season in an attempt to avoid identity theft.
The first thing you should do is to look at your copy of the return to see if you requested direct deposit of the refund. If you did check your most recent bank account statement or access your account online to see if the refund was deposited.  You will not receive a written acknowledgement of the direct deposit from your “uncle(s)” or the bank – the money will just appear in your account.
If it has not been directly deposited, or elected to receive a check you can check the status of your federal income tax refund online.  Click here 

You can also check the status of a NJ state income tax refund online.  Click here.  
And you can check the status of a NY state refund online here.  

For any other state you should go to the website of the appropriate state tax agency.  Click here to link to your state.

You must wait at least eight (8) weeks after mailing your return to check on its status.  Have your copy of the tax return in front of you when you check, as you will need information that is on the return.

Contact your tax preparer only if you are told that your return has not been received to request a duplicate copy.

If you are told that your refund has been issued but you have not received it, follow the instructions provided to request a new check.

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