Monday, November 21, 2016


I was in Atlantic City for year-end tax update classes most of the week (see my review tomorrow) – so I did not keep on top of the tax BUZZ.  Actually I don’t think there was much BUZZ to keep on top of.  Hence this slim BUZZ installment.

* Paul Sullivan explains “How to Give an I.R.A. to Children Without Giving Up Control” at THE NEW YORK TIMES –

A trusteed I.R.A. is a relatively easy way for parents to control how, when and why their children receive he distributions from their retirement accounts.”

* Please, please check out my new THE LIBERTY TIMES – and please share with family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues.

* Bruce McFarland of THE TAX PREPARERS GROUP wants to know “Are You Having Enough Taken out for Withholding?

* It will soon be that time of year again.  FORBES.COM’s TaxGirl Kelly Phillips Erb tells us “Feeling Charitable? 12 Days Of Charitable Giving 2016 Starts Soon” -

As I do every year, I’m asking readers to submit via email ( the name of a charity which deserves mention this year for the 12 Days Of Charitable Giving. Ideally, it would be one that you have supported financially over the past year or that you plan to support before the year end. In addition to the charity’s full name, I’ll need the city where the charity is located, what the charity does, and why you support the charity (a personal story would be great). Please also link to the website if the organization has one (Facebook is okay, too): the more information that you can provide, the better.”

* Matthew Frankel, the MOLEY FOOL “Math Guy”, gives us “Property Tax by State: The Homebuyer List”.

No surprise here.  New Jersey is once again, like Oliver Twist, last on the list – or first depending on how you look at it - with the highest average percentage of real estate tax - 2.29%.  Hawaii has the lowest average tax rate - .28%.  The average rate for my home state of PA is 1.51%.

* And New Jersey is #8 on KIPLINGER’s list of the “10 Least Tax-Friendly States for Retirees 2016” -

The Garden State's tax policies create a thicket of thorns for some retirees.”

Here is the list –

1. Vermont
2. Connecticut
3. Rhode Island
4. Minnesota
5. Oregon
6. Montana
7. California
8. Nebraska
9. New Jersey
10. New York

* Want to know “Why Advisors Recommend Donor-Advised Funds during Year-End Planning”?  Check out this ACCOUNTING TODAY article by Ken Nopar.


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