Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Need some stocking stuffers?  Each of these tax-saving reports are only $1.00 each (sent as a pdf email attachment) or $2.00 for the print edition (sent via postal mail).

INTRODUCTION TO INCOME TAXESA discussion to the very basic concepts of income tax.  The first lesson of Tax 101, if you will.  It is a perfect primer for the high-school student, or anyone, who is filing an income tax return for the first time.  It includes 2016 basic tax information and a history of the federal income tax.

TAX PLANNING ALERT – A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE VACATIONThis report explains in detail how to make your next vacation tax deductible by attending a job or business related conference or convention, and includes worksheets to help you keep track of your deductible expenses.

TAX PLANNING ALERT – REPORTING GAMBLING WINNINGS AND LOSSES - It has always been important for frequent gamblers to keep detailed “contemporaneous” records of gambling activity to minimize the tax cost of winnings, but recent developments have made this even more vital.  This report explains the basics of the taxation of gambling activity and how keeping a gambling log for your casino visits can save you tons of taxes and includes valuable worksheets.

TAX PLANNING ALERT – TAX ASPECTS OF DIVORCEIt is vital that individuals involved in a divorce proceeding have the agreement carefully reviewed by a tax professional before it is finalized.  Most divorce lawyers are clueless when it comes to taxes.  Tax consequences, both current and future, must be considered and factored into many aspects of the divorce agreement and property settlement.  This report provides basic information on the tax treatment of various divorce-related topics and discusses some of the tax considerations related to divorce decisions.

TAX PLANNING ALERT – FORMING AN LLC - The LLC, or Limited Liability Company, is the new entity of choice for both experienced entrepreneurs and new start-ups.  An LLC combines the liability protection of a corporation with the flexibility and ease of filing as a sole proprietorship.  Every sole proprietorship, whether a part-time sideline business or a full-time activity, should register with their state as an LLC – assuming the costs are not prohibitive.  This report introduces you to the LLC, tells you how to register, and discusses what to do once you have created an LLC.

FYI - the worksheets contained in these reports are copyrighted material and for your personal use only.

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