Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Let me start off the first of what could perhaps be the worst four years in at least my lifetime (I am not talking about my personal life – but about life in America and the world in general), thanks to the technicality known as the Electoral College, with a statement of my beliefs on the election and a Trump Presidency.
I do not criticize, or wish to belittle, those Americans who, because of their political beliefs and convictions or their perception of her fitness to be President, could not support Hillary Clinton for President.
American voters had the right to denounce and oppose Hillary Clinton for President, whether personally or as the representative of the Democratic Party platforms and philosophies, just as I had the right to denounce and oppose Trump as the Republican Party candidate.
I voted for Clinton because I did not have the same problems with her than many did, and because it was the best “anti-Trump” vote.  I do believe that the issue of emails was over-emphasized and improperly covered, especially considering that the George W Bush administration had many more issues with emails than Clinton and it was hypocritical for the Republican Party to seize on this issue. I also believe that, for some reason, many Republicans have a truly irrational hatred for the Clintons. And I believe that the actions of FBI Director Comey during the last days of the campaign were irresponsible and incompetent, and possibly illegal.
I do, however, believe that Americans had a responsibility to oppose and denounce Trump for President - not because he was the Republican Party candidate, but because he was a despicable human being, totally unqualified and inexperienced and totally unfit because of his mental instability resulting from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, who lied every time he opened his mouth. There was no good reason to vote for Trump for President.
I also believe that Republican primary voters and the Republican Party itself were truly stupid and irresponsible for allowing Trump to become the Party’s nominee.  And I believe that Trump’s core base of undereducated white fanatic supporters, who follow him like a cult leader and who cheer his every nonsensical word at rallies, are stupid and/or bigots.
Any intelligent and rational American who voted for Trump because they could not in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton, or voted for Clinton by “default” only to correctly oppose Trump, should have voted for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, a popular and successful former Republican governor.  A third-party win, or at least a huge third-party showing, would have provided a good message to the two major parties of the country’s frustration and dissatisfaction with the current state of politics – and more importantly kept Trump out of the White House (not that he or his family will actually spend much time there, at great expense to the American people).
I strongly and aggressively denounced and opposed Trump during the campaign because of the reasons identified above. I continue to strongly and aggressively denounce and oppose Trump as President-elect for the same reasons. I do not feel an obligation to accept his election and support him as America’s President. I have absolutely no respect for Trump as a person or as President.
For one, Trump has not changed. He is still a dangerous, deplorable, despicable, unfit narcissist. Being selected as President did not automatically bestow on him ethics, morality and integrity where none existed before.
And Trump was not elected by the American people – Hillary Clinton received almost 3 Million more votes in the general election. Trump was elected by the Electoral College, an antiquated system that, by making Trump President, failed to do the very thing for which it was created.
So get ready to hang on – it is going to be a bumpy ride!

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Mike Wallens said...

Sorry, he is your president, regardless of if you accept him or not, or you can be like the phony liars in Hollywood and say you will move to Canada.

He is not perfect but far superior to the war mongering creep/criminal that is HRC.

Stick to topics you know of.