Monday, January 16, 2017


When I returned to my car after visiting a business client in Jersey City on Sunday I found an ad from LIBERTY TAX on my windshield. 

The ad merely said “Get Up To $1,300 FAST!” in big print and “If you’re approved for Easy Advance*” in smaller print.

There was absolutely no mention that LIBERTY TAX preparers are knowledgeable and experienced in preparing 1040s and will be able to properly prepare your 1040 so that you will pay the absolute least amount of federal and state income tax legally allowable.

There was actually no mention of tax returns at all – just the picture of a much younger and more attractive Statue of Liberty wearing a LIBERTY TAX banner and holding a large dollar sign.  The ad just said, in effect, “Walk in our door and walk out with a check”.

The really small print referenced by the * after Easy Advance did say –

An Easy Advance (EA) {as opposed to an Enrolled Agent EA - rdf} is a loan secured by your tax refund”.

And also stated –

There are no fees or interest associated with the EA.”

But (highlight is mine) –

Loan amount options are determined by your expected tax refund less authorized fees.”

It doesn’t say whether the “authorized fees” are limited to the tax preparation fee.

Clearly LIBERTY TAX is preying on low income individuals who need fast cash and are more interested in the cash than preparing a correct return.

My advice to all taxpayers – never use Henry & Richard or LIBERTY TAX or JACKSON HEWITT or any fast food tax commercial chain to prepare your federal and state income tax returns.  You will pay less money, get more personal service, and actually get a properly prepared return by using an independent tax professional. 

You can look for an independent tax pro at FIND A TAX PROFESSIONAL.

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