Thursday, February 16, 2017


The IRS recently issued a news release debunking 5 refund tax myths.  Most important – in my opinion – is this one -
Myth 2: Calling the IRS or My Tax Professional Will Provide a Better Refund Date
There are lots of good reasons to use a tax professional {certainly the truth – rdf}. It is a myth, however, that bugging your tax preparer, or the IRS itself, will get refunds to taxpayers more quickly.
In reality, says the IRS, the best way to check the status of a refund is online at's "Where’s My Refund?" tool. Or taxpayers can use their digital device to check via the IRS2Go mobile app.
The IRS updates the status of refunds once a day, usually overnight. Checking either status option more than once a day will not produce new information.
And no, trying to connect with a real person at the IRS will not get you any additional info. Only call for added help if the refund status tool or app instructs you to do so.”
So if your federal, or state, refund has not arrived as promptly as you think it should have DON’T CALL YOUR TAX PREPARER!

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