Monday, July 3, 2017


Since Tuesday is the holiday the BUZZ comes to you a day early this week.
* My THE TAX PROFESSIONAL blog is back!  Check out the first weekly post “A Practice Development Idea”.
* Did you know that there were several “State Tax Changes Taking Effect July 1, 2017”?  Well, thanks to the TAX FOUNDATION you do now!
* You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.  I show you that reality is truly stranger than fiction in the July “issue” of THE LIBERTY TIMES.
The Service tells us (highlight is mine) -
In her preface to the report, Ms. Olson praises the IRS for running a generally successful filing season, including reducing the incidence of identity theft, implementing new accelerated Form W2 reporting requirements, and matching Forms W2 against tax returns claiming refunds.  But Ms. Olson says taxpayers who require assistance from the IRS are continuing to face significant challenges obtaining it.  She attributes part of the problem to resource constraints, saying that IRS funding has been reduced by nearly 20 percent since fiscal year (FY) 2010, after adjusting for inflation.”
The idiots in Congress continue to force unnecessary unrelated social welfare benefit responsibilities on the IRS while at the same time reducing the budget allocation.  And you wonder why I always refer to the members of Congress as idiots.
* Speaking of the NTA report, over at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES Kay Bell tells us “Private bill collectors going after lower-earners' tax debts tops National Taxpayer Advocate's list of 13 concerns”.
And so it should.  To repeat what I said above, using private collection agencies to collect alleged tax debt is, and has in the past been proven to be, a stupid idea.
Kay’s post reports –
Olson, during testimony before a House Appropriations Committee subcommittee on May 23, told lawmakers that insufficient analysis of taxpayers' financial situations could result in some owing taxpayers, at the urging of private collection agencies (PCAs), enrolling in installment payment plans they cannot reasonably afford.
‘This problem will grow worse when PCAs, driven by the prospect of earning commissions, are allowed not only to place taxpayers into installment agreements (IAs), but also to 'restructure' IAs, all without ever gathering financial information for the IRS to consider,’ said Olson a month ago.
She reiterates those concerns in today's report.”
With Nina Olsen there is at least one intelligent person in Washington.  Unfortunately she is truly in the minority.
* And Kay celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the iphone with “Deducting your cell phone as a business expense.”
Her excellent bottom line –
Again, as with anything tax, the key to deducting your cell phone as a business expenses is keeping good, complete and accurate records.”
* NY State has a new payroll tax to fund “family leave”.  It is employee funded, with a new withholding tax that started July 1.  The State of New York explains everything at “Paid Family Leave: How it Works”.
While we find ourselves faced with the worst President in our history, a dangerous and despicable mentally unstable idiot, currently occupying the White House, we must remember this July 4th that America is still, so far, the greatest country in the world.
Let us pray that, for the sake of the future of America and the world, nut job loser Trump is removed from office soon, so America can truly be great again.

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