Monday, November 13, 2017


Recent tax buzz continues to be dominated by talk of the proposed GOP tax Act.  I continued my comments on the proposals here and here.   

Check out my TWTP post tomorrow for the Flach Tax Plan and my new, simpler Form 1040.

* Speaking of the GOP tax Act, the Senate has released its version.  The TAX FOUNDATION has a good “cheat sheet” on the “Details of the Senate Version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”.

* And Kay Bell, the yellow rose of taxes, does a good job of comparing the dueling plans in “The great tax reform plan duel of 2017 is on!

* Over at DINESEN TAX TIMES Jason Dinesen answers an oft-asked question – “Can I Claim My Boyfriend/Girlfriend As a Dependent?

Can you guess the answer?  Why “it depends”, of course.

* Today at THE TAX PROFESSIONAL – “Simpler Is Better”.

* At the SLOTT REPORT Sarah Brenner lists “10 Things to Know About the Still-Working Exception” from taking an RMD from an employer plan.  

* For those who are interested – click here to download TAX BUZZ, the new monthly e-newsletter for my 1040 clients.


I do not oppose, nor would I deny, an individual’s right to possess genuine religious beliefs and convictions. I do not, for example, question a person’s right to legitimately be a “devout” Christian, or a “devout” Muslim, and lead their personal lives accordingly.

I may personally disagree with, challenge, or oppose an individual's specific religious beliefs and convictions, and interpretations thereof, and an alleged “devout” person’s hypocrisy in the selective choice of specific beliefs, interpretations and convictions of a religion to support.

But I certainly strongly oppose, and would most certainly deny, an allegedly “devout” religious person’s attempt to force his specific religious beliefs or convictions on me, or any other person, via local, regional or national legislation. If nothing else, the separation of Church and State forbids this.


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