Monday, January 29, 2018


I did some “horn tootin’” at my other blog – THE TAX PROFESSIONAL – this morning.  So let me continue the shameful tootin’ of my own horn here.  Sorry to be so “Trump-like” – although, unlike Trump, I actually have something to toot about here.

I was just notified that I was honored to be selected as #24 on the list of “Top 25 Must-Read Accounting Blogs” at ACCOUNTING DEGREE REVIEW.

In compiling the list, the editors “looked for accounting-related blogs that are active, regularly updated throughout the year with knowledgeable, useful, well-written, and engaging content.”

I am certainly in good company on the list.

FYI – the fact that I am #24 does not imply any ranking.  The blogs are presented simply in alphabetical order by title.

Here is what they have said about THE WANDERING TAX PRO -

A wonderfully eccentric, 40-year accounting veteran, Robert Flach takes a down-to-earth approach with The Wandering Tax Pro blog. Writing in an informal, instantly-recognizable voice, Flach takes on current events, politics, and money with a sharp sense of humor and a 'mad as hell' fearlessness. Posts from 2017 have run heavy on the politics, with well-informed consideration (and occasional take-downs) of government shenanigans, especially with tax reform. His up-front title, ‘Like Frankenstein, The Tax Code Must Be Destroyed’, pretty much says it all.”

I am truly honored by the selection and thank the site for the inclusion.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations Bob! Your musings, gripes, and compliments are both entertaining and useful.
Please keep up the good work!