Tuesday, September 25, 2018


* If you haven’t already done so be sure to check out THE LAKE REGION SOMETHING!

*  My first slide show! And on MSN.COM! Check out my “10 Things You Can’t Deduct from Your Taxes Anymore”.

* Russ Fox suggests “Let Us Entertain You (or Not)” at TAXABLE TALK, applying the “Duck Test” to a client’s suggestion on how to “get around” one of the business tax changes made by the GOP Tax Act.

A funny coincidence.  I was discussing this exact issue and suggestion with the tax pro (who I knew from past state seminars) I was sitting next to in the morning at last week’s NATP Tax Forum in Atlantic City.  While having lunch in my room and checking my emails, Spacebook and Twitter I came across this post from Russ.

* Russell Settle of “Money Talk News” answers the question “Can I Get My Ex’s Social Security Instead of My Own?” in a “Social Security Q&A” post that was “covered” by YAHOO FINANCE.

I know the answer to be correct because a long-time friend and client did just this last year.

* From Michael Cohn at ACCOUNTING TODAY – “IRS gives taxpayers a break on employee moving expenses”.

The IRS said Friday that employer payments or reimbursements in 2018 for employees’ moving expenses that were incurred prior to 2018 can be excluded from an employee’s wages for income and employment tax purposes.”


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