Tuesday, October 2, 2018


It is possible to both support traditional Republican and conservative political philosophy and oppose and denounce Donald T Rump.

Actually, it is necessary!

Every single American - Republican and Democrat, Independent and Libertarian, Liberal and Conservative, Christian, Jew, Muslim, and Atheist, Man and Woman, Young and Old, Gay and Straight - must vocally and aggressively denounce and oppose Donald Trump.  Trump is indefensible.  Support and defense of Trump’s continuing to serve as President, either publicly or by silence, is indefensible and a betrayal of America and its people and ideals.

Donald Trump is a delusional, ignorant, immature, incompetent, totally self-absorbed and self-important mentally unstable narcissist and sociopath. 

Trump the human being is deplorable and despicable, totally devoid of ethics, morality, integrity, and humanity.  Trump has never performed a totally unselfish positive act in his lifetime.

Trump doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground about anything, and shows no interest in becoming more informed and educated on important issues.

Trump lies about everything to everyone all the time.  He has not made a completely truthful statement since becoming a candidate.

Trump is pathologically incapable of making a public statement or address without beginning with how great he is via obviously and easily proven false statements about his accomplishments and abilities.

Trump is pathologically incapable of dealing with challenges, criticism or questions like a mature adult.  He must insult and belittle anyone who criticizes, challenges, disagrees with, or questions him.  In his sick and delusional mind, he is infallible.  People who do not recognize and acknowledge this delusion have no value, and so their opinion has no value.

Trump never thinks before he speaks or “tweets” – often spewing whatever nonsense comes into his head in the wee hours of the morning.  He has absolutely no concern for how his words and tweets affect America.

Trump always claims personal credit for positive results that he had absolutely nothing to do with, and never accepts any responsibility for bad results that he has directly caused, always blaming someone, anyone, else.

Trump was not elected President of the United States by the American people.  He is not a Republican, not a conservative, and most definitely not a Christian.  He does not possess any political or religious beliefs or convictions.

Trump thinks those who support and promote the #MeToo movement, and women who now feel empowered to stand up and talk about their experiences, are “very evil people” but Nazis and white supremacists are “very fine people”.

Trump attacks, insults and alienates America’s allies while embracing the authoritative and dictatorial leaders of America’s enemies like Putin, Un and others.  This is because he wants to be An authoritative and dictatorial leader like Putin and Un.

Trump the businessman consistently and gleefully screwed his investors, shareholders, contractors, vendors, employees, clients and customers while lining his pockets.  Still just about every one of his businesses that did not directly involve real estate development have failed.

Trump has not divested himself of his business holdings and unethically, and to some degree unconstitutionally, profits financially by being President, frequently at the expense of the American people (his weekly golf outings at the resorts he owns).

Do I need to go on?  The list of reasons to oppose and denounce Trump is endless.

If America’s democracy and values are to survive, and America is truly to be great again, as it was before the 2016 election, we MUST remove Donald T Rump from the White House ASAP!


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