Tuesday, July 16, 2019


* From FORBES.COM’s TaxGirl Kelly Phillips Erb - “Taxpayer Advocate: You Literally Need A Map To Navigate Our Tax System (So They MadeOne)” -

The map highlights the complexity of tax administration, with its many connections, overlaps, and repetitions between stages.”

* Fellow tax pros – have you seen the July issue of THE TAX PROFESSIONAL yet?

* The IRS has issued a draft copy of a new Form 1040-SR for senior taxpayers.  Hey, it is bigger than a postcard.

* And we return to Kelly Phillips Erb, who borrows a lyric from Peter Allen to tell us about another new Form 1040 – the 2019 draft version - in “Everything Old Is New Again As IRS Releases Form 1040 Draft”.

The new 2019 Form 1040 is the same as the previously mentioned Form 1040-SR without the large print and the Standard Deduction Chart.

The 2018 “postcard” Form 1040, actually bigger than a real postcard, was the stupidest thing I have seen in my 47+ years in the business.  This new 2019, instead of being half a full 8½ x 11 sheet, as Kelly points out “takes up just 2/3 of the page”.  However, it does to some degree bring back the logical flow of the old, far “more better”, Form 1040.  There are still 6 additional schedules to supplement the Form, with some minor changes to the content but not the size for 2019.

One item on the 1040 is noticeably missing – the box to check for “full-year health coverage or exempt”.  Since the Obamacare “shared responsibility” penalty for 2019 and beyond is “0” the IRS no longer needs to know if you had proper coverage.

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