Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Not much tax news this week.  But as I always say, some BUZZ is better than no BUZZ.

* FORBES.COM’s Tax Girl Kelly Phillips Erb reports “Reality TV Stars Todd & Julie Chrisley Hit With Multiple Charges, Including Tax Evasion”.

No surprise here.  Nobody ever said reality tv “stars” had any morals, ethics, honesty, or even intelligence.  Actually, a lack of these qualities appears to be a requirement for the “position”.

Ever since ads for “Chrisley Knows Best”, which Kelly’s post proves to be an untrue title statement, first appeared I have been asking who this self-absorbed moron Chrisley was and why anyone would give a rat’s hind quarters about him or his family.  Kelly’s piece does nothing to answer my questions.

Will a subsequent season of idiot Chrisley’s tv show be filmed in prison? 

Want to know what I think about what is erroneously referred to as “reality tv”?  Check out my BOBSERVATIONS post “Reality (TV) Sucks”.

* Speaking of my BOBSERVATIONS blog, I have a new post about remembering Woodstock on its 50th anniversary.  Click here to check it out – and please share with your friends and family.

* The TAX FOUNDATION asks, and answers, the question “Does Your State Have a Marriage Penalty?”.

New Jersey = yes (it is very often better for married couples to file a separate NJ state income tax return)

Pennsylvania = no (all income is taxed at a flat rate and there are no exemptions)

New York = yes


When will people understand that abortion rights, or same-sex marriage, is NOT a conservative issue – it is a religious issue.

Conservative philosophy believes that the government should have minimal involvement in the personal and business life of the individual citizen. A major tenant of conservatism is to protect & maximize individual rights. The religious right and so-called “evangelicals” want the government to tell individuals how to live their lives by legislating the specific religious beliefs of a specific sect or Christianity.

Evangelicals and the religious right are NOT conservatives.


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