Tuesday, September 24, 2019


* Do your wonder “Does Your State Have a Marriage Penalty?”.  The TAX FOUNDATION provides the answer.

NJ = yes.  PA = no.  NY = yes.  

* Another question answered – “Does working past 70 affect my Social Security benefits?” – at USATODAY.

Earnings at any age from the year a person turns 22 and onward are used in the calculation of your Social Security benefit.”

And –

If you're still working while receiving your Social Security benefits, each year the earnings from the previous year are added to your record. If the earnings in that year are greater than one of the earlier years, your benefit may be increase.”

* Jeffrey Levine provides a detailed discussion of “Hiring Children In The Family Business For Tax (And Other) Benefits” at Michael Kitces’ NERD’S EYE VIEW.

* Ashlea Ebeling tells us “Need Cash? Hardship Withdrawals From Your Retirement Plan Just Got Easier” at FORBES.COM.

* Also at FORBES.COM, Tony Nitti continues his series on “Reviewing The Democratic Candidates' Tax Plans” with “Elizabeth Warren”.

* Matt Lebo discusses “Taxation at Birth/Taxation at Death – The Circle of Life” at the new to me Drucker & Scaccetti TAX WARRIORS blog.

* Attention procrastinators.  Russ Fox tells it like it is at TAXABLE TALK -  It’s Time to Panic!


Forget about Trump’s alleged political positions, as bad as they may be.  All patriotic Americans, regardless of Party or political beliefs, must oppose and denounce Trump because he has been proven to be -

·         Ignorant and incompetent, unwilling to listen or learn

·         Totally self-absorbed, caring about absolutely nothing but himself and his perception, whose only agenda is feeding his ego and lining his pockets.

·         Enamored with and envious of dictators and authoritative leaders.

·         Incapable of dealing with criticism like a mature adult.

·         Incapable of admitting and accepting responsibility for errors.

·         Delusional and mentally unstable.

·         Do you need any more reasons?


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