Tuesday, December 10, 2019


The Justice Department announced today that it has filed a complaint with a U.S. District Court in Norfolk, Virginia, seeking entry of a court order requiring Franchise Group Intermediate L 1 LLC, (Liberty) the national franchisor and owner of Liberty Tax Service stores, to refrain from specific acts, enact enhanced internal compliance controls regarding the detection of false tax returns, and pay for an independent monitor to oversee Liberty’s compliance with the proposed court order. Separately, the United States and Liberty filed a joint motion and proposed order that, if adopted by the court, would resolve the matter.”

I have consistently over the years advised taxpayers not to use the services of “fast food” commercial tax preparation chains like Liberty, Jackson Hewitt and Henry and Richard to prepare their tax returns.  If for no other reason – these guys ain’t cheap.  You pay fancy restaurant prices for fast food service.

My apologies to McDonald's, Burger King, etc.  I have often received good service and value for price from fast food franchisees. 

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