Monday, June 1, 2020


* While written specifically for one profession, “Snap A Pic of These Tax Deductions Photographers Can Take” from the TURBO TAX BLOG gives all self-employed taxpayers an idea of what is deductible.

* More evidence that bloggers love lists – “44 Sources Of Money & Benefits That You Don't Have To Pay Taxes On” from TaxGirl Kelly Phillips Erb at FORBES.COM.

A reminder – be aware that the answer to just about every tax question, including “is it taxable?”, is “it depends”.

* And, oi vey, a warning from KPE – “Don’t Mistake Your Stimulus Debit Card For Junk Mail”.

In a time of stupid ideas – the ultimate one being that a totally self-absorbed reality tv cartoon clown would be an acceptable choice for President – using debit cards for this purpose is certainly another one.

* For those of you who are interested, ACCOUNTING WEB explains “How to Keep on Top of Taxes for Household Workers During COVID-19”.
* According to IR-2020-107

The Internal Revenue Service announced today that later this summer taxpayers will for the first time be able to file their Form 1040-X, Amended U.S Individual Income Tax Return, electronically using available tax software products.”

Unfortunately, electronic submission of 1040-X returns will require flawed and expensive tax preparation software.

* The NATP BLOG updates us on “IRS’s Economic Impact Payment data as of May 2020” -

Approximately 130 million Americans received payments worth more than $200 billion in the Economic Impact Payment program’s first four weeks, according to the IRS.”


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