Monday, December 7, 2020



* A blog list from Kay Bell at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES - "10 tax moves to make in December 2020”.


* And Kay passes along a warning in “IRS and FBI warn about business cyber scams that target COVID teleworkers”.


* William Perez provides a primer on “Claiming Capital Losses on Your Tax Return” a THE BALANCE.


One thing to be aware of when planning for capital gains and losses.  Although we are told that long-term capital gains are taxed at a special rate of 0%, 15% or 20% - it ain’t necessarily so.  See my pre-GOP Tax Act post “Trapped By Our Capital Gains Are We’.


* Check out Friday's post at FRIENDS OF THEATRE AND ART.


* Jim Blankenship explains How Remarriage Affects Widow(er)s and Ex-Spouses Differently” at GETTING YOUR FINANCIAL DUCKS IN A ROW.


*  Attention taxpros who prepare NJ returns – you can now register for the NJ chapter of NATP’s annual “Famous NJ State Tax Seminar” – virtual this year. 


This truly “famous” seminar covers updates on NJ and NY personal and business income, sales and payroll taxes and NJ property tax relief programs and is a MUST ATTEND for anyone who prepares NJ state tax returns.


* The IRS lists some “Steps to Take Now to Get a Jump on Your Taxes”.


* The November and December issues of my free tax e-letter discuss year-end tax planning strategies.  You can subscribe my emailing with “E-Mail Tax Newsletter” in the subject line.  When you subscribe, I will send you the November and December issues. 




Moron Trump is ending his Presidency continuing to prove to Americans and to the world by his words, tweets and deeds, as he has proven every single day he has been in office, that he is ignorant, incompetent, demented, delusional, despicable, deplorable, and dangerous - a totally worthless piece of excrement completely devoid of humanity.


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