Sunday, January 31, 2021


Anyone who believes Trump knows his ass from a hole in the ground about anything is a moron.
Anyone who believes Trump cares about America or the American people or the Republican Party is a moron.
Anyone who believes Trump cares about conservative or Christian ideology and values is a moron.
Anyone who believes Trump cares about anything but himself is a moron.

Anyone who actually listens to, believes, supports, and follows Trump is either a moron or a racist or both.

It is obvious to anyone with any intelligence that Trump is an ignorant, racist and corrupt narcissist, sociopath and wannabe dictator.
The leaders of the Republican Party and Republicans in Congress who refuse to totally denounce and disavow Trump because they are afraid of offending and antagonizing his core cult of ignorant racists have totally abandoned all integrity, credibility and honor and have proven they have no conscience.  They do not care about political ideology but only about power. The new definition of Republican - "A person who claims to have moral standards or beliefs to which his or her behavior does not conform." 

The Republican Party has become the embodiment of Trump – ignorant, racist and without a conscience.  It is no longer a legitimate ideological political party. 
We must unite America – true conservative and traditional Republican and Democrat and Independent Americans – by denouncing, disavowing, indicting, prosecuting, convicting, and imprisoning Trump.   

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