Wednesday, February 17, 2021



Dear Taxpayer –

When sending/giving your tax preparer your 2020 tax “stuff” be sure to include the amount of any Economic Impact Payments you received in May of 2020 and January of 2021 – the up to $1,200 per person and up to $600 per person payments.  Or tell them that you did not receive one or both of the payments.

You do not have to give them the Notice 1444-A or 1444-B you received from the IRS identifying your payment – but do so if you have it.  I actually just received my 1444-B notice for the check I got this January in today’s mail.

If you want to verify what you did and did not receive you can do so at the IRS website – go here.  Perhaps more better – go here to create an individual IRS account and request a transcript.

Only about half of the clients whose “stuff” I have received so far this season included information about these payments – despite the fact that I specifically requested this information in my annual January mailing to my 1040 clients.

These payments are NOT taxable income – but if you did not get the full amount of either check to which you were entitled you can claim a refundable credit for the shortage when filing your 2020 tax return.  Several of my clients have told me they did not receive either the first or second check.

The reason for a potential shortage is the fact that most of the payments sent out in 2020 were based on 2018 tax return information and the payments sent out this past January were based on 2019 tax return information – but the actual amount you are entitled to is based on your 2020 income.

FYI – if you got more than you were entitled to you do not have to pay the excess back when filing your 2020 return.

One more FYI while I have your attention – a “Where the Fakawi” FYI.  This tax season I am relying 100% on the Postal Service for delivering work and payments to me.  Moron Trump’s attempts to destroy the Post Office to sabotage the timely delivery of the legitimate mail-in ballots from those voting for Democratic candidates in the 2020 election have had lasting effects.  It is taking much longer for “regular” mail to get to me here in “the country” – and it is even taking longer for Priority Mail packages. 

I mailed a check payment for a credit card in January 15th – and it was just received and applied by the credit card company yesterday!  It literally took a month to deliver.

Just one more reason to say “Fuck You, Donald Trump” and be glad he is gone.


Monday, February 1, 2021





And so, the 2021 “tax season” officially begins.  This will be my 50th season.

And now – what you have been waiting a year for - 


On the first day of tax season my client gave to me a Closing Statement for the purchase of a home.

On the second day of tax season my client gave to me 2 Economic Impact Payment notices.

On the third day of tax season my client gave to me 3 mortgage statements (without, of course, any analysis of how much of the mortgage interest reported represents interest on acquisition debt).

On the fourth day of tax season my client gave to me 4 W-2s.

On the fifth day of tax season my client gave to me 5 Salvation Army receipts.

On the sixth day of tax season my client gave to me 6 1099-DIVs.

On the seventh day of tax season my client gave to me 7 cancelled checks.

On the eighth day of tax season my client gave to me 8 useless items.

On the ninth day of tax season my client gave to me 9 medical bills.

On the tenth day of tax season my client gave to me 10 stock sale confirms.

On the eleventh day of tax season my client gave to me 11 employee business expenses (despite being no longer deductible).

On the twelfth day of tax season my client got from me a finished tax return, 11 employee business expenses, 10 stock sale confirms, 9 medical bills, 8 useless items, 7 cancelled checks, 6 1099-DIVs, 5 Salvation Army receipts, 4 W-2s, 3 mortgage statements, 2 Economic Impact Payment notices, and a Closing Statement for the purchase of a home.

And, of course, on the thirteenth day of tax season the client gave to me a corrected Consolidated 1099 from Wells Fargo Advisors!

                                             - - - - - - - - - -

As is my custom, due to the demands of the filing season I will be taking my annual “tax season hiatus” from posting to THE WANDERING TAX.  Between now and April 14th I will barely have time to relieve myself let alone blog!   

I will be publishing a WHERE THE FAKAWI post occasionally here at TWTP to keep my clients up-to-date on my progress during the season and to report changes or additions to my tax season policies and procedures. Clients can also keep track of my tax season progress by following me at TWITTER (@rdftaxpro).

I realize that I am abandoning you at a time when you may need me the most – but I need to make a living!

“Talk” to you when it is all over!