Friday, October 1, 2021


 Once again, I didn’t want to end the week without any BUZZ.

* Guess what?  IRS still behind in processing returns and issuing refunds.”  So Kay Bell tells us at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.

IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig had admitted that "despite our best efforts, pandemic-related issues are still causing us to experience record levels of activity that continue to affect operations across the agency, including the processing of tax returns and refunds."

He reported “the inventory of remaining individual tax returns is being reduced, even as the IRS is receiving 2020 returns that are coming in prior to the Oct. 15 extension deadline.”

Kay reminds us –

Until the IRS gets everything back into more normal pre-COVID ranges, we're all stuck with the frustration caused by the large amount of manually processed returns, limited information on tax return processing status, refund delays, and the difficulty reaching IRS employees, especially when seeking help in connection with new tax issues from recent legislation.”

What does Kay recommend?

. . . patience. And maybe a yoga and/or meditation class or app.”

* Ken Berry (not the actor – I do believe he has gone to his final audit) discusses “2021 Tax Deductions for Self-Employed Business Vehicles” at CPA PRACTICE ADVISOR.  

Remember - employee business expenses are no longer deductible on Schedule A.

* Don’t forget to check out my latest ramblings at BOBSERVATIONS.

* The final deadline for timely filing 2020 tax returns is October 15th.  If you have waited this long Russ Fox tells you to “Prepare to Panic!” at TAXABLE TALK

* Davie Rae explains “How Will 10 Types Of Retirement Income Be Taxed?” at FORBES.COM.


The MAGA morons who attacked the capital on January 6th are NOT patriots.  They are traitors and terrorists, and should be treated as such by the public and the courts – including all those who instigated, incited and facilitated the attack.   

Supporting and defending these terrorists is the same as supporting and defending Al-Qaeda after 9/11.  There is absolutely no difference!

If you support or defend these traitors and terrorists or attempt to downplay the attack you, too, are a traitor to America, American values and American democracy.  This includes deplorable and despicable Republicans in Congress.


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