Tuesday, January 11, 2022



* Kay Bell tells us “Some state tax laws changed on Jan. 1, 2022” at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.  

* KIPLINGER.COM lists “11 Surprising Things That Are Taxable”. 

Some are not particularly surprising, certainly not to me.

* Russ Fox explains “Tax Season (For Individuals) to Begin on January 24th” at TAXABLE TALK –

The IRS announced today that Tax Season will begin on Monday, January 24th.  That’s the first date that electronically filed returns (and extensions) for the 2021 tax year will be accepted for individuals.”   

For me the tax filing season always officially began on February 1st every year.

Russ ends his post with a prediction and warning (highlight is mine) -

As for how this year’s Tax Season will go, expect a repeat of last year.  The IRS still has not processed all 2020 returns (but they’re through April!).  Until IRS staff is fully back at their Service Centers, there’s no reason to expect anything to change.  This is not a scenario to make any IRS stakeholder–be it a tax professional, taxpayer, or Congressman–happy.  I can state for the record that I absolutely expect the same issues with delayed processing of refunds this year.  (I have a client whose 2019 return is still stuck in limbo!).”

Taxpayers (and especially my clients) please remember – there is absolutely nothing I, or ANY tax preparer, can do to expedite the processing of a tax return or the issuance of a refund.  So, don’t call or email me, or your tax pro, to ask where your refund is!


During a devastating flood a man is sitting on his roof. A boat comes by to rescue him and instead of getting in the boat the man says, “No thanks.  God will save me.”  Another boat comes by and the man gives the same answer.  A helicopter descends to rescue the man, but again he says, “No thanks. God will save me.” 

The floodwater continues to rise and the man drowns.  In heaven he asks God, “Why didn’t you save me?”  God replies, “What do you mean?  I sent you two boats and a helicopter!”

If the moron “evangelical” anti-vaxxers who claim God will save them happen to pass God on their way to hell after dying of COVID you can believe God will say to them, “You idiots – I sent you a vaccine!”


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