Thursday, June 16, 2022



I realize this post has nothing to do with income taxes – but this must be acknowledged, understood and addressed.

I have been voting for 50 years.  Over the years I have voted for Democratic, Republican and 3rd-Party candidates, based on the individual issues and candidates.  I have never been a “card-carrying” member of any political party and I have not registered as either a Democrat or Republican since my early 20s.

Never in my lifetime, until now, have I been able to say with certainty that the greatest threat to America, the American people, American democracy, American freedoms, and true American values is a major political party – the Republican Party.

Today’s Republican Party is controlled by the racist and repressive so-called “evangelicals” of the Religious Right, has been bought and paid for by the despicable NRA, and has completely embraced malignant narcissist and wannabe dictator Trump and his lies.

In the history of our country no one single individual has done more damage to America than Trump.  The one and only accomplishment of the Trump presidency was to embolden, empower and “legitimize” hatred, racism, bigotry, and white supremacy.

The political divide in America today is NOT liberal vs conservative - it is intelligence (Democrat) vs ignorance (Republican). By embracing Trump and his lies and the Religious Right the Republican Party has abandoned all integrity, credibility and honor and totally abandoned all true conservative and “traditional” Republican philosophy and policy.  The agenda of today’s Republican Party is contrary to true conservatism.  The only voters the Republican Party is interested in representing are the ignorant racists that make up Trump’s core cult.  Sadly, true conservatives and traditional Republicans no longer have any voice in American politics today

Winston Churchill Has been credited with saying that if you are not a liberal by age 20 you have no heart and if you are not a conservative by age 40 you have no head.  I believe, at age 68, I have both heart and head.  I support fiscal responsibility in government and do not believe the answer to all our problems is to tax the rich simply because they can afford it – but I recognize the need to work together with our international allies whenever possible and for programs that address the social and economic problems of our citizens.  Today’s Republican Party has neither heart nor head – no empathy and no intelligence.

It is vital for the future of America that we defeat EVERY Republican candidate in EVERY election for EVERY office at EVERY level in 2022 who does not vocally oppose, denounce and disavow Trump, his lies and the leadership and agenda of today’s Republican Party.

And this, too, is important.  Trump’s lies and call to action was the direct cause of the treasonous assault on the US Capital on January 6th.  Trump MUST be indicted, prosecuted, convicted, and incarcerated for this and his many other crimes.


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