Friday, February 3, 2023



* A reminder from Dr, Bryan K. Clontzin at FORBES.COM - “Qualified Noncash Charitable Appraisals: Crossing T’s And Dotting I’s” -
If you’re claiming an income tax deduction for a contribution to charity of a capital asset worth more than $5k, other than publicly-traded securities, you will need to support your claim with an appraisal.
And not just any appraisal, but a ‘qualified appraisal’, signed by a ‘qualified appraiser’."  
* And Christine Fletcher lists “8 Tips For Tax-Free Gifting In 2023”, also at FORBES.COM.
* The NJ Division of Taxation tells us –
Several community and local governments are hosting free events to help you participate in the Affordable New Jersey Communities for Homeowners and Renters (ANCHOR) program.
Division of Taxation staff will be present at these events to:
* Assist in determining your eligibility for the ANCHOR program;
* Provide information such as New Jersey gross income or, ID and PIN (homeowners only), which can be used when completing an ANCHOR application;
* Help file your homeowner or tenant ANCHOR application; and
* Answer your questions about the program.
We will also check the status of your previously filed application or verify whether you have already filed.”
Click here for a listing of the dates and locations of currently scheduled ANCHOR events.
* Jeff Stimpson identifies “Taxpayers' most common goofs" at ACCOUNTING TODAY.
Check out his list to make sure you do not make these mistakes.
* Over at KIPLINGER.COM Andrew Gillund shares “7 Practices for a Stress-Free Tax Season
#7 is “Know when to get help” – “The more complicated your taxes are, the more it makes sense to find a tax preparer.”  If you need help finding a tax professional to prepare your 2022 returns go here

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