Friday, July 13, 2007


Some good news for a change!

They’re back – 101.1 FM is once again the home of the oldies! WCBS-FM returned to the airwaves at 1:01 pm yesterday.

In what seemed at first like a late bad April Fool’s joke, WCBS-FM, which had been playing oldies since 1972, changed to a bland, deejay-less JACK format without any warning on June 3, 2005.

When the change was made WCBS-FM had been #8 in the NY Arbitron ratings. Before the return JACK had slipped to #16.

During the JACK tenure WCBS101 continued to stream oldies without deejay commentary online – but it wasn’t the same.

Also returning are popular deejays Dan Taylor and Bob Shannon, and morning weatherman Mr G (I could have done without his return).

As a CBS-FM listener since its beginnings I welcome you back with open arms!


Anonymous said...

I actually miss Jack-FM and came searching on the computer to see WHAT HAPPENED! I would tune in every day. Float my other stations, but always end up with Jack. Recorded voice or not, the music was a great assortment and variety. I'm constantly searching for a station now. Decided to just bring my CDs into my car. :(

Anonymous said...

Jack sucked and i'm so glad its gone....