Monday, November 5, 2012


Here is an addendum to my list of top ten facts to make it a baker’s dozen -
(1)  It is bad advice to tell ALL taxpayers who have a Schedule C business to incorporate. There is no tax advice that applies to all businesses, or all taxpayers, in all situations (except don’t cheat).  The appropriateness of a tax planning strategy or technique depends on the specific facts and circumstances or your individual situation.

(2)  More than half of the balance due notices that are sent out by the Internal Revenue Service and state tax agencies are incorrect.  If you receive such a notice send it to your tax professional ASAP.

(3)  The Internal Revenue Service will NEVER initiate contact with a taxpayer via email.  If you receive an email that claims to be the IRS do not respond, do not open any links, and forward it immediately to    

And a bonus fact -

The programs of the genre that has become erroneously known as “reality television”, which includes the likes of The Jersey Shore, The Real World, The Bachelor and Bachelorette, and anything with Kardashians, are steaming piles of excrement.  These shows possess absolutely no “redeeming social value”, and are actually dangerous to society.


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