Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Be sure to vote today.

If tax policy were the only issue of importance the choice for President in this election would be clear.  A vote for Obama is unfortunately a vote for maintaining the complexity of the Tax Code and making it even more of a mucking fess.  Tax reform takes leadership from the top, and the only chance for any kind of substantive tax reform is if Romney is elected.   

However, it is not that easy.  You should not choose a Presidential candidate based solely on a single limited issue.

What is clear, and I don’t mean to sound obsessed on the subject, is that the current members of Congress are, for lack of a better word, idiots.  They are incompetent, ineffective, and unproductive.  They are incapable of compromise or of independent thought.

In the “real world” such an incompetent employee would be fired and replaced.

We, the American public, are the “employer” of the idiots in Congress.  We should “fire” them by voting out any current member who is running for re-election today.

But be sure not to vote in a “worse” idiot than the one you are voting out.  I strongly and sincerely believe that you should NOT vote for any candidate who is a member or supporter of the Tea Party movement!


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