Friday, June 5, 2015


* Tax pros – have you seen the new post at THE TAX PROFESSIONAL yet?   And please tell your fellow tax preparers about THE TAX PROFESSIONAL.

* And check out this week’s post at BOB’S BABBLINGS for some I LOVE LUCY trivia.    

* Jason Dinesen continues his class in “History of Marriage in the Tax Code” with “Part 9: After Poe v. Seaborn” at DINESEN TAX TIMES.

* And Jason continues another discussion – of the question “Are HRAs Always Appropriate for Sole Proprietors?” – with “Part 2”.

* Ripped from the headlines.  Key Bell discusses “Deducting Transgender Medical Expenses” at her BANKRATE.COM blog.  As does Anthony Nitti in “Will CaitlynJ enner's Gender Reassignment Costs Be Tax Deductible?” at FORBES.COM.

With apologies to Caitlyn/Bruce – I cannot take anything done by a member of clan Kardashian seriously.  It is unfortunate that this issue did not have a more credible/serious role model – the value is truly tainted by the Kardashian connection.

* Joe Kristan quotes Paul Caron quoting the Wall Street Journal about recent TIGTA testimony to a Congressional hearing in Tax Roundup, 6/3/15: Oh, THAT Million-Dollar Rent Payment. And: the IRS Data Breach is on Management, Not Budget” - 

A government watchdog told lawmakers Tuesday that the Internal Revenue Service has failed to put in place dozens of security upgrades to fight cyberattacks, improvements he said would have made it ‘much more difficult’ for hackers to gain access to the personal information of 104,000 taxpayers in the spring.”

Joe explains that the IRS has its priorities FU-ed -

Yet the last two commissioners (and, sadly, the Taxpayer Advocate) have spent more effort trying to set up a preparer regulation scheme that would do nothing to stop fraud — but would increase IRS power and the market share of the big franchise preparers.

* Michael Branch warns parents to “Avoid This Trap When Using a Roth IRA to Pay For College” at the SLOTT REPORT.


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