Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Thankfully the IRS took the word “qualified” from their periodic tweet about the online database.  They now tweet – “#IRS launches a new public directory of federal #tax return preparers http://go.usa.gov/hsY4”.  I hope my complaints were one reason.  The description is still incomplete and misleading.  It should say “federal tax return preparers with IRS-recognized designations”.

* Tax pros – Is April 15th Sacred?  My answer at THE TAX PROFESSIONAL is yes. 

New posts will now appear on Wednesday – so be sure to check back tomorrow.

* And check out this week’s post at BOB’S BABBLINGS.  

* Kay Bell tells us “H&R Block Explores Virtual Tax Preparation” at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.

Henry and Richard would do better to explore competent and reasonably priced tax preparation!

* Trish McIntire covers a timely topic in “Taxing Garage Sales”.

I have presented an alternative to the garage or yard sale that could actually end up putting more money in your pocket.  See my 2011 post “Spring Cleaning Tax Savings”.

Why I wouldn’t have a garage sale –

Do you really want the great unwashed masses tramping through your yard or garage, and possibly your house as well? This activity usually wastes a full day, is loaded with potential for agita, and in the end you never get what your stuff is really worth. During the last hour of the sale you often end up almost giving away what is left just to get rid of it.”

* At DINESEN TAX TIMES Jason Dinsesn continues his series of posts on “Breakeven Analysis for Small Businesses” with a discussion of “Service Providers and Not-for-Profits”.


Let’s face it – the families who “star” in reality tv excrement are not chosen because they are average, or normal, or responsible.  They are chosen because they are self-absorbed and self-important, behave outrageously, and, to be kind, are not the brightest bulbs on the tree.
Let’s not be kind.  They are chosen because they are quite literally “no smarter than a fifth grader” (and I am talking about the parents and not any of the actual fifth graders).

The very fact that they involve their young children in such an enterprise is proof in itself that the mothers and fathers are bad parents.

So it should be no surprise when it turns out than some are bigots, religious fanatics, or perverts – not unlike many of their viewers.


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