Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Say it isn’t so.  Tell me I am still asleep and just having a nightmare. 
Did I really wake this morning to discover that the unthinkable, the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen, has happened?  Is it really true that dangerous, deplorable, despicable, mentally unstable narcissist and demagogue Donald J. Trump - called by many the worst major party candidate in history - has been elected President?
This will go down in history as the worst day in American politics!
The “dumbing down of America” has been proven to be a reality.  The American public has elected a self-absorbed and self-important reality tv cartoon character as President.
This despicable human being was elected despite just about every publication in the country (the only notable exception was the National Inquirer), including those which are traditionally Republican and conservative, and just about every intelligent voice in America, including many leaders and candidates of his own Party, aggressively denouncing and opposing his candidacy.
He was elected despite the constant revelations of his lifetime of deplorable, immoral, and unethical behavior, despite his horrible rhetoric of hate and divisiveness, despite his total lack of respect for anyone and anything, and despite the fact that he has been proven to lie just about every time he opens his mouth.
Trump’s core base supporters of fanatical undereducated bigots could not have done this on their own.  This disaster required the cooperation of what I would have otherwise thought to be relatively intelligent and rational people acting selfishly and without conscience or regard for the consequences of their action.  I have nothing but contempt and disgust for these people.  Unfortunately for the rest of us, they will get what they truly deserve. 
America, and the world, truly lost on November 8, 2016.    

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