Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Today is Election Day.  It is vitally important that you vote today.

For the first time in at least my lifetime – I will turn 63 later this month – the Presidential election is NOT about who SHOULD be President, BUT ABOUT WHO MUST NEVER BECOME PRESIDENT.
Donald J Trump, the most inexperienced, uninformed, and unfit candidate ever nominated by a major party, must NEVER become President of the United States!  During the election campaign Trump has proven himself to be a dangerous, deplorable, despicable, unstable, worthless piece of excrement.
The 2016 Presidential campaign has proven that truth really is stranger than fiction.  I doubt the most insightful political satirist could have foreseen a narcissistic reality tv clown being nominated as the Presidential candidate of a major party.

But this is not satire – it is reality!
This election is not about politics.  It is not about voting for the candidate whose political beliefs and proposals we support or about voting for the candidate of our chosen Party.  It is about keeping a truly dangerous candidate as far away from the White House as possible!
The main reason to vote against Donald Trump has nothing to do with his alleged political beliefs and proposals (bad enough as they are), which the New York Times has correctly pointed out in its editorial “Why Donald Trump Should Not Be President” constantly change “according to his audience and his whims”.  We must vote against Trump because he is mentally unstable. 
Trump suffers acutely from a legitimate and clinically diagnosable mental disorder – Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  This mental disability makes him incapable of speaking or acting rationally and intelligently, and makes him incapable of dealing with criticism and challenges like a mature adult.  As President he would be a total disaster.
I strongly believe beyond any doubt that if Trump wins the election America, and the world, truly loses.

While perhaps the most effective anti-Trump vote is a vote for Hillary Clinton, true Republicans and conservatives who cannot in good conscience vote for Clinton have an excellent and intelligent alternative in Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. 
And as you vote today, if you agree with me that for the most part Congress is full of incompetent idiots who are incapable of independent thought, consider the concept of GRIP – Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians.  We must not reward the inaction and incompetence of the current members of Congress by re-electing them.
We certainly must vote out of office the cowardly Republicans running for re-election who have put Party ahead of country and endorsed and supported Donald Trump throughout the campaign. 

Perhaps the one exception to GRIP should be for those Republicans with balls and a conscience who have denounced and opposed Trump’s candidacy from day one or early in the campaign.  They deserve to be praised and rewarded for their courage and conviction.
So please be sure to vote today.  And let us all pray that the majority of Americans vote intelligently and responsibly and Donald Trump truly become the biggest loser in this election!

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