Monday, November 7, 2016


* TAX VOX, the blog of the Tax Policy Center, reminds us “There are some taxing questions on 2016 ballots”.  Be sure to vote tomorrow - and vote on the ballot questions as well as against Donald Trump for President.

* A reminder - I have compiled a report of “What’s New In Taxes For 2017” based on the recent IRS announcements.  It contains the inflation-adjusted and COLA numbers for tax year 2017.  Click here to download this report.

* “Just announced: Best 529 plans for 2016” over at SAVING FOR COLLEGE.   

* FYI – I have added a new article to my FIND A TAX PROFESSIONAL website – “Become More Informed”.  Check it out.

* Bruce McFarland, the blogger formerly known as the MISSOURI TAX GUY, talks about “Your Home-Office Deductions” at THE TAX PREPARERS GROUP blog, which includes some words about choosing an accountant for a home based business from yours truly.

* My buddy Jason Dinesen of DINESEN TAX TIMES echoes my sentiments in his explanation of “Why I Don’t Fear ‘Tax Simplification’”.

You can see my take on tax simplification at TAX PROFESSIONALS FOR TAX REFORM.

* The PHILADELPHIA ESTATE AND TAX ATTORNEY BLOG of Steven J. Fromm, J.D., LL.M does an excellent job of explaining that “Pennsylvania and New Jersey Reciprocal Tax Agreement Ends in 2016 Adversely Impacting 250,000 Workers & Thousands of Employers”.

It discusses the changes from the point of view of NJ employees and employers and PA employees and employers.

* It appears that the section of that dealt with money issues – including personal and business taxes – is now THE BALANCE. 

It is here that Bill Perez provides an excellent updated primer on “Claiming Head of Household Filing Status: What You Need to Know About Qualifying for Head of Household”, a topic that often confuses taxpayers.

I remember back in my early days of apprenticeship when several single working women felt that they should be taxed as “Head of Household” because they were the independent “head” of their household – despite the fact that they were the only member of the household.  Of course this was as wrong then as it is now – a “qualifying person” is always required for Head of Household status.


Opposition to Hillary Clinton because of her politics, policies, or alleged indiscretions is a reason not to vote for Hillary Clinton – but most definitely NOT an excuse to vote for Donald Trump!

There is absolutely no legitimate excuse to vote for Donald Trump.  It is a totally irresponsible and inexcusable thing to do!

Intelligent journalistic, political, business, artistic, and other socially responsible voices have joined together to denounce and oppose Trump – calling him, rightfully so, the absolute worst major party candidate in recent history, if not forever.

Obviously the best anti-Trump vote is a vote for Clinton.  But Republicans and conservatives who cannot in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton have a legitimate and responsible option in Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson – a popular, respected, and successful former Republican governor, as is his running mate.

Whatever you do – just don’t vote for Donald Trump!


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