Friday, September 15, 2017


There is a lot of talk about tax reform – but not much detail.  As I have constantly repeated, not much more than scribblings on a cocktail napkin.
As I said in my previous post “Trump and Tax Reform” –
But he {Donald T Rump – rdf} really doesn’t give a rodent’s hind quarters, or an airborne sex act, about the actual details of this ‘reform’ – other than how it will save him and his business activities taxes, if he actually pays any taxes at all.
The Dumpster wants Congress to pass tax reform legislation – any tax reform legislation – only so he can claim a victory and say, ‘Look what I have done,’ regardless of what, if anything, he actually does.
Hopefully Ryan and McConnell will actually provide real and substantive tax reform legislation and not just a token bill aimed solely at giving the Party, and the idiot in the White House, a victory.”
Tax reform is turning out to be like health care “repeal and replace”.  The Republicans have opposed Obamacare and have been calling for its “repeal and replacement” since its introduction, perhaps more because it was a Democratic proposal than anything else.  They have had 7 years to come up with a “more better” option – but when it came time to actually introduce legislation they really had nothing.  There is much wrong with Obamacare, and also stuff right, and it truly needs to be fixed (see “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”) – but don’t hold your breath.
Republicans have had the same 7 years to come up with substantive tax reform plans and proposals – and I thought they had done so at various times in the past – but now they seem merely to have nothing more than a list of “concepts”.
I seem to recall reading that the tax reform proposal put forth by the Reagan Administration in the mid 1980’s was 300 pages (please correct me if I am wrong) – anyway that it was truly detailed and specific.
The more we do not hear actual specific plans and proposals the more I expect that there will not be any real tax reform legislation passed this year.  If anything there will be some token tax cuts merely to provide idiot Trump and the apparently incompetent Republican Party with the appearance of a win on something.
I really do not think anything of substance will be accomplished on anything with arrogant demagogue Donald T Rump in the White House. 

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