Friday, August 28, 2020


Dear American:

This is not an election about individual issues or political ideology.  This election is about the future of America, American values and American democracy.

I wholeheartedly support and will vote for Biden/Harris – but not because I am a Democrat or a liberal.  I support some Democratic policies and strongly disagree with others, and I support some traditional Republican policies and disagree with others.  I am more “liberal” on some issues, and more “conservative” on others. 

I am neither a Democrat or a Republican.  In the past I have voted for Democrats, Republicans and 3rd party candidates, depending on the candidate and the issues.  I am truly an Independent.    

What I strongly oppose and will vote against is Trump the man – the absolute worst and the most ignorant, incompetent, totally self-absorbed, despicable, and mentally unstable human being to ever occupy the White House in history.  Trump is very literally everything that a President, or any national leader, should not be.  He is truly a danger to the future of America and the world.  

I find it totally inconceivable that any intelligent person with a conscience, regardless of Party affiliation or political ideology, could support, defend or vote for Trump.  The argument used in 2016 of “lessor of 2 evils” did not apply then and does not apply now.  In any comparison Trump is always the most evil choice. 

Affirmative support and defense of Trump is unconscionable.  I sincerely believe those who affirmatively support and defend Trump and his re-election are traitors to American values and democracy and true enemies of the people.

This IS the most important election in the history of our country.  If Trump is re-elected, I very sincerely believe it will be the beginning of the end of American democracy and the complete destruction of American values that began when Trump took office in 2017.  Sadly, I truly fear America will not survive another 4 years of Trump.

I also oppose and denounce the current Republican Party for totally abandoning all integrity, principal, honor, and credibility by embracing and enabling Trump.  I will vote against all Republican candidates on all levels in 2020 - and going forward I will only vote for a Republican candidate who has consistently publicly and vocally denounced and disavowed Trump.

This is not about partisan politics – this is about patriotism.  Trump must go 

Robert D Flach

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