Saturday, October 10, 2020



Prior to 2017 I never judged a person’s character, integrity or intelligence based on their political affiliation.  I may have disagreed with individuals, including family and friends, about politics – but it was philosophical and ideology and policy related.  Traditional Republican and Democratic and true conservative and liberal beliefs, ideology and policies, while differing, were all legitimate beliefs and options to issues and problems. 

A person may have been, in my opinion, wrong in believing in something or supporting a specific policy or program, but it did not make them any less of a person or any less intelligent. 

My only real concerns up until 2017 was with the so-called “evangelicals” of the “religious right”. 

But it is different today.  

Trump has proven himself with every word, tweet and deed that he is a totally worthless piece of trash, completely devoid of humanity and integrity, and completely devoid of ethics and morality.  It is so obvious that he is totally self-absorbed, ignorant, incompetent, delusional, and unstable and he clearly does not care about anyone or anything but himself.  He has no political ideology or philosophy.  His only belief of any kind is “Trump is great and Trump is good” and his only agenda is feeding his ego and lining his pockets.  This has been proven again and again beyond the shadow of any doubt.

It is literally impossible for me to conceive how anyone with any intelligence could support and defend Trump – unless they were a racist and a bigot or they had no conscience.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with political ideology or philosophy.

Sadly, supporting and defending Trump’s Presidency does make you less of a person or less intelligent.

For the rest of my life I will judge a person’s character, integrity and intelligence based on whether or not they continually supported and defended Trump and voted for him in 2020. 

And it has nothing whatsoever to do with political ideology or philosophy.

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