Monday, October 12, 2020



I have finished the last of the GDEs – and I am done with 2019 tax returns for the year.  Thank God it’s over!


* A timely reminder from the NATP BLOG – “Don’t Miss the Oct. 15th Tax Extension Deadline”.


* And Kay Bell, the yellow rose of taxes, gives us “8 tax tips to meet the Oct. 15 filing extension deadline" at DON’T MESS WITH TAXES.


* October 15th is the deadline for filing another government form – the FBAR (not to be confused with FUBAR, which is the official acronym for the US Tax Code).  Russ Fox of TAXABLE TALK discusses the form in “Just File the FBAR”.


The taxpayer, or rather foreign investor, if responsible for filing this form.  It is NOT a part of the 1040 filing and NOT the responsibility of your tax preparer.  I personally do NOT prepare FBAR forms for my clients – I have enough to worry about with the actual 1040.


* After voting for Joe Biden and the Democratic candidates for Congress on November 3rd you may also have to vote on a state tas issue.  The TAX FOUNDATION identifies "State and Local Tax Ballot Measures to Watch on Election Day 2020".


* Returning to the NATP BLOG we find some good advice for those who have tied, or will tie, the knot in 2020 in “A tax checklist for newly married couples”.


* The FORBES.COM "TaxGirl" Kelly Phillips Erb reports "IRS Extends Stimulus Check Deadline To November 21" -


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has extended the deadline to register for your stimulus check to November 21, 2020. This new date gives you an additional five weeks past the previous October 15, 2020, deadline.”


* With all the natural disasters America is dealing with (besides the unnatural disaster of the Trump presidency) you should check the IRS “Tax Relief in Disaster Situations” page for updates if you are in an affected area.


* Ashlea Ebeling deals with an issue some taxpayers may be faced with in the pandemic at FORBES.COM - “Laid Off With Money Left In A Dependent Care FSA? Here’s Help”.



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