Wednesday, September 1, 2021


As a general rule I oppose traditional Democratic tax policy – punishing ambition and success and excessively taxing the rich simply because they can afford it, and using the Tax Code for social engineering, to redistribute wealth and to distribute government social welfare benefits.
I do not necessarily oppose the government providing social welfare benefits where appropriate – just using the Tax Code to distribute these benefits
FYI - I also oppose unique industry-specific tax loopholes and "tax expenditures".  I believe the one and only function of the US Tax Code is to raise the money necessary to fund the government, fairly and equally.  Period.
That said, I vocally and aggressively oppose, denounce and disavow the current Republican Party and will actively campaign to oppose all Republican candidates at all levels who do not vocally and aggressively oppose, denounce and disavow Trump and his lies.  Not because I am a Democrat or a liberal – I have supported and voted for Republican, Democratic and Independent candidates at all levels in the past based on the candidates and the issues - but because I am intelligent, I have a conscience, and I am a patriot.
The biggest danger to the future of America today is Trump and his core cult of ignorant racists, and today’s Trump-embracing Republican Party who court and pander to these ignorant racists.

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