Wednesday, August 17, 2022



This is how history will remember Donald “The Man Who Would Be King” Trump.

Donald J Trump was placed in the White House as 45th President of the United States by the Electoral College, despite losing the election by 2,868,686 (2.9 Million) votes.  Clinton received 48.18% of the popular vote and Trump received 46.09%.  10.7 Million more Americans voted against Trump than voted for Trump.

He was the most ignorant, incompetent, corrupt, and totally self-absorbed President in US history.  The main legacy of the Trump Presidency is the emboldening, empowering and “legitimizing” of racism, bigotry and white supremacy.

Trump lost re-election in 2020, in a fair and honest election, by 7,052,770 (7 Million) votes.  Biden received 51.31% of the popular vote and Trump received 46.86%.  Trump continues to, without any evidence, erroneously contend the election was “stolen” from him via massive election fraud.  Many federal, state and local Republican elected officials, including members of Congress, and current candidates for office supported and continue to support Trump’s lies.  On January 6, 2021 Trump instigated an armed assault on the US Capital in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent Congress from certifying the 2020 election results. 

Before running for President, Trump was an unethical businessman with more business failures than successes, whose main claim to fame was as a Reality TV cartoon clown.  His Trump University scam, which took advantage of elderly and low-income individuals, resulted in several law suits for fraud.  A federal court approved a $25 Million settlement with students who were duped by Trump.

Trump was accused of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment, including non-consensual kissing or groping, by at least 25 women since the 1970s. He bragged about his sexual assaults to an entertainment news program host.

In the history of our country no one single individual has done more damage to America, the American people, American values, and American democracy than Donald Trump.

Trump is a totally worthless piece of excrement, completely devoid of intelligence and humanity, who does not possess a single redeeming positive human value or quality.  He has never performed a single totally unselfish positive act in his entire adult life.  Trump is the textbook example of a narcissist and a sociopath.

Trump totally destroyed the Republican Party, which has abandoned all integrity, honor and credibility, and true conservative and traditional Republican policies and values, to embrace Trump and to court and pander to his core cult of ignorant racists.  

No intelligent person with a conscience could possibly defend Trump or support Trump for any public office at any level.


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